Sofia Roper is a simplification and optimization specialist for biz owners


You've reached a point where you know something has got to change. You want simple and practical solutions.

You want to be able to leverage your time so that you can serve more people, earn more money and make a real difference.

But maybe you have no clue how to start shifting things.

After decades of entrepreneurial experience I know some things...

I know you deserve peace and prosperity and I want to help you get it. 

But you're probably wondering...

Who is this woman and is she worth my attention?

Well...I'm straightforward, practical, and witty. I was born with the ability to simplify anything and everything. If any of that resonates with you, we're off to a good start.

But I should probably do the whole biography bit and share some of my background with you. So here goes, starting with an image of Vienna, Austria where I was born.

From Austria to South Africa to the USA

I was born to very young parents. My father dreamed of sunshine and opportunity so we immigrated to South Africa when I was seven. Just like my dad, I dreamed of having my own business one day.

After training as a goldsmith and learning the fundamentals of business management, I opened my own store at 23.

Six years in I went through a difficult divorce and lost everything, leaving me and my young kids having to rely on strangers for shelter while I figured out how to rebuild.

A few years later I experienced a painful one-of-a-kind relationship situation. It woke me up and started me off on a long personal growth journey.

I gained valuable life and business lessons from those experiences that have served me and my clients well ever since.


In 2001 I left South Africa and settled in San Diego, California where I became a financial advisor, divorce financial planner, and mediator. I also taught women how to manage their finances and successfully navigate a divorce or career change.

When I read the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss in 2008, I knew I wanted to have an online business. I started studying internet marketing and attended live events held by most of the top 'gurus' in the industry.


After going through a second (unwanted) divorce, I left financial services and took some time off to add new skills (web development, IT) and do more personal growth work.

I wrote a second book, continued to coach a handful of private clients, and became a volunteer C.A.S.A (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for children in the foster care system.

In 2015 while living in Oregon, I started my tech business helping clients with their computer software and building WordPress websites. There I was known as Tech Savvy Sofia.


Not long after my grandson was born I moved to Knoxville, TN to be near the kids.

My 'superpower' is my ability to simplify anything and put it into easy-to-understand language and action steps.

I now get to use my coaching, business, and tech experience to simplify, optimize, and strategize for my clients' ultimate success - all of my favorite things!