Eliminate Stress & Wasted Hours Trying to Figure Out All The Tech

Eliminate the stress and wasted hours trying to figure out the digital and online systems for your business and lifestyle! 

Get Unlimited Video Coaching

Get all your digital and online systems set up once and for all so that you can relax and focus on serving your clients (or whatever else you'd like to spend your time on)!

With this unlimited video coaching package you'll not only have support as you set things up, but you'll also be learning at the same time. And since you can keep the videos, you'll be able to go back to them whenever needed.

You can ask as many questions as you wish as often as you like and I will get back to you with a video answer within one business day.

The videos will be delivered to your inbox. You can download them and they are yours forever to go back to whenever needed.

Unlimited video coaching for 1 month, 1 year or a custom period. 

Your membership includes:
➤ An initial 30-minute call to discuss your specific needs
➤ Ask as many questions as you like as often as you like
➤ Discounts on remote desktop support and website development
"Sofia is the only coach I have met who makes the digital age not only easy but fun - all done with warmth, good humor, incredible patience and an impressive intelligence. She is a rare gem!" Barbara Feinstein