Technology doesn't have to confuse or frustrate you.

Does technology confuse and frustrate you? 

Let me make it simple, efficient, and stress-free for you!
"This is Laurie, and I just wanted to leave a message about my appreciation for your help and your service in general. I literally had been looking for someone exactly with your skill set and knowledge base to help me with all of my niggly things. From iPhone stuff to the connection of iPhone to iPad to my Mac as well as website information. And I really appreciate how much you remember things, track things, are right on it! And it’s just such an excellent use of gaining information and empowerment for me to know how to organize all of my technical world so that it can help me be way more efficient in my business and in my life. So want to thank you very much and will be working with you again. Bye." Laurie Boucher left audio message.

"I love working with Sofia. She makes my tech issues easier with her skill and insight. She simplifies the issues without dumbing them down. I'm glad she's out there and so available." Carolyn Baker

“You know, for the average computer user, some problems seem very difficult to fix. Over the years I’ve used several services of many so-called “computer experts” with sometimes mixed results. Finally, after getting tired of not-so-good service I searched for a person who could truly, and in a timely manner, fix my problem. Well, I found that person – Tech Savvy Sofia, and I am very satisfied and happy with the service. The best fun watching your computer in the comfort of your home. While the computer’s being fixed, you have the pleasure of Sofia’s company. Smart, trustworthy, capable, and speedy repair of your problems along with pleasantries and humor.” Gary Endicott