Want a profitable, easy to manage business you can enjoy?

1 Year Unlimited Laser Coaching

I will personally help you build the thriving business you've always wanted 
This is Unlimited Live One-On-One Business Coaching with me for a year. We meet for a very powerful 15 minutes per session to talk about your goals and how to reach them.

Here are some of the steps I take my clients through:

➤ Identify your natural skills and abilities so that it’s easier to serve your clients and sell your products and services

➤ Gain clarity on where you should focus to leverage your time so that you have extra time to spend on other areas

➤ Increase your rates by packaging your services differently so that you can earn more from your existing and future clients

➤ Set up systems that can automate many of the tasks that currently waste valuable time you could spend elsewhere

➤ Optimize your online presence so that you’ll attract more of your ideal clients on auto-pilot

➤ Identify and eliminate the unnecessary ‘busy work’ and outsource wherever possible (it's often cheaper than you think)

➤ Only work with your ‘ideal’ clients - learn how to quickly discern who to work with so that you don’t take on clients who sap your energy

➤ Enhance your communication, sales, and negotiation skills

➤ Master time management, eliminate procrastination and become super productive!

➤ Add relaxation techniques and activities that will increase your energy, control, confidence, and calm

➤ Uncover what's really holding you back from growing your business (we all have blind spots)

Unlimited laser coaching for 1 year. 

“Sofia - Very Knowledgeable! If she doesn’t have an immediate answer, she researches it and then applies it and explains it. Available - she is there when needed - always responding in a timely manner. Patient! - amazingly so! She stays with you until your problem is solved and you understand it. Invaluable! One of a kind! Teacher, trouble-shooter, coach, mentor!” 
Jo Schaeffer